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Our Products

Educational Notifier

In simple we are calling it EDN!
It is simple, light, Web based automated system for Schools / Colleges, to help them in communication with Students via SMS!
Extremely Cost-effective product, Learn more & avail it today!


Empleado is designed for organizations to automate their HR Dept, Attendance, Payroll.
Web Based Biometric integrated application, with separate logins for Admin, Branch Admin & Employees.

Public Empowerment System

In simple we are calling it PES.
A comprehensive complaints handling system for Private & Public sector, designed to automate complaints coming through various mediums, i-e SMS, Phone, Walk-in or in Hard concerning to multiple departments.

Smile Network

Smile is a social networking service powered by Veevo Tech, the first of its kind service that let people to go socialize without event Internet & Smart Phone!
Smile is being used by Millions of People & Public/Private Organizations to connect with People.

Smile - Community Page

Community page is awarded with the most powerful brand fan page that exists today!
CP empowers all your socially required features through SMS, letting you send updates via SMS & get Likes/Comments & much more via simple SMS!!!
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SMS Feedbacker

How do you hear your crazy followers when your telephone lines are all busy during your TV/Radio show ?
Feedbacker allows you to get quick views about your show/product/service via SMS,
Just by typing your KEYWORD space MESSAGE on 8583

Membership Management

Membership Management makes you manage the memberships of your customer like you’ve never seen before which lets you access the system from anywhere at any time


Scholastic turns your School into your hands,
Its a web based complete school management which can be accessed from anywhere through any device,
Scholastic comes with its own SMS & Biometric functionalities.
Digitize your School record today with scholastic.