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Simplify, Connect, Engage. Introducing QueryQ!

QueryQ integrates messages from popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, enabling efficient communication management for organizations.


Web Interface

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process of sending SMS and voice broadcasts, ensuring smooth operation across all devices. Create impactful messages using customizable templates, effortlessly manage contacts, and access detailed analytics to optimize your campaigns. With API access, you have full control over your communication strategy, allowing you to monitor your budget for strategic decision-making. This isn't just an interface – it's your pathway to hassle-free, powerful communication.

Social Web Interface

Our Offerings

Elevate Every Connection - Introducing QueryQ's Distinctive Features!


Explore diverse conversations in Veevo Tech's omni-channel platform, seamlessly integrating email and more channels for comprehensive communication.


In QueryQ by VeevoTech, Multichats streamline business conversations with a split-screen mode, simplifying multitasking by efficiently managing multiple conversations in two columns.


Teams in VeevoTech enable agents to collaborate efficiently, forming dedicated groups for specific campaigns, ensuring streamlined and focused management for campaign success.

Assignment Automation

VeevoTech introduces QueryQ's latest update, automatically assigning queries to agents based on system rules, enhancing workflow efficiency and resolution time for streamlined customer support processes.

Campaigns / Broadcast Messages

Our platform enables effortless campaign launches with unlimited broadcasts to groups and users, allowing easy audience targeting and effective communication.


An interactive platform where individuals can submit their inquiries, receiving personalized responses and initiating engaging conversations.


On the platform, you have the flexibility to establish connections and reach out to contacts according to your preferences, initiating communication at your convenience.

Why QueryQ?

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Effortless Communication Management

Discover how QueryQ simplifies and streamlines communication channels for enhanced efficiency.

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All-in-One Convenience

Uncover the benefits of having all your queries and messages centralized in one user-friendly platform.

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Real-Time Engagement Across Platforms

Explore how QueryQ enables concurrent interaction across various channels, employing omnichannel capabilities for seamless engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

QueryQ stands out for its ability to centralize diverse communication channels, automate processes, and offer innovative features like Multichats and Teams, providing a holistic solution for effective communication management.

Certainly! QueryQ enables the sending of transactional and promotional messages to dynamic and customizable group of contacts. team.

Yes, QueryQ offers automated query assignments based on predefined rules and conditions, ensuring efficient distribution of queries to the appropriate agents.

Within QueryQ, Teams have been implemented, facilitating the establishment of dedicated groups of agents. This enhancement enables seamless collaboration for efficiently managing specific campaigns with precision and cohesion.

The Multichats feature enables users to manage conversations in a split-screen mode with two columns and a dynamic number of rows, enhancing efficiency in communication management.

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