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Veevo 2-Way Bulk SMS API

We provide full 2-way Bulk SMS API for commercial purposes, you can either go for simple one-way SMS termination as well with choice of Branded or a short code number.

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Bulk SMS API for Enterprise

Veevo tech has been providing Bulk SMS API services to a number of Government & Private sector organization in Pakistan.

Robust SMS Delivery Network are backing up our SMS API. our SMS API processes an Average of 3.2 Million SMS Messages per day. With this high-speed network you can reach thousands of people within minutes & can easily scale out your application to masses.


Veevo tech Bulk Sms API comes with a simple REST method, which can be integrated in every sort of application, irrespective of the language it is written in. we have provided different readymade examples for certain languages as well our technical team provides support until you start Sms messaging in 2-way.

Sending Sms message with Veevo tech is simple you just have to call a URL like:

As for receiving SMS functionality, there are two ways:

Pulling - where you need to ping our network periodically for any new SMS availability.

Pushing - where we route our network on any of your defined web based address to push SMS as it arrives.

Restful Bulk SMS API



2-way SMS API

Veevo tech understands your requirements and provides you with full-fledged 2-way SMS API. It allows you to send as well receive SMS Messages on your application using secure network.


Dedicated Long Code

Veevo Tech provides facility of dedicated long code number for 2-way SMS API for example 03331234567 messages sent on that specific long code gets routed to your API in real time.


Shared Short Code

Get four-digit short code by providing a dedicated keyword for receiving messages on your App. For example if your Short code is 8583 & keyword is PIZZA. All the messages will be routed to your application in Real-time If any customer sends the word "PIZZA" & messages to 8583.


Branded SMS

For you to message with your brand name, Veevo tech provides branded SMS service we help you get approvals for your brand name, allowing you to use them as SMS Masking.


Multi-Programming Language Support

Integrations of our Resftful Bulk SMS API doesn't have any language restrictions. We provide different ready-made examples for certain languages as well i.e. Python, C#, VB, . Net, PHP & Java etc.


Supported Traffic

We provide support for both Informational/Transactional & Marketing/Promotional traffic, be it's OTP or Sale Alert, consult our team.

Pricing Plans

Our packages for Pakistani market starts from PKR 9,400/- per month as the lowest available plan.
Our plans available on One ID platform at self-service purchase, please proceed to registering your account.

A 2-way SMS Messages a keyword is allotted on a short code, which is subjected to PKR 25,000/Month maintenance fee.
Our currently used shared codes in the market are 8583, 8584, 8456, 8457, 8333x

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