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Simplify Messaging with Our SMS API

Veevo Tech provides a versatile SMS API solution that simplifies text messaging processes for businesses and developers, enhancing customer engagement and optimizing user experience


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Our Offerings

A hassle free SMS API Solution - All essentials in one go

Unbeatable Promotional Messages

Promotional messages are concise marketing communications, designed to highlight special offers, discounts, or compelling reasons for customers to engage with a product, service or brand

Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are communications that provide essential information to customers, often related to their interactions with a business such as OTPs, purchase receipts, order confrmations.

Local & Global Traffic Delivery

Using our seamless service, you can deliver traffic across the globe in any country, we help you go global by taking care of your crucial OTP delivery.

Masking/Branded Sender ID

Masking Sender ID is your brand name in place of a numeric phone number when sending messages. It allows businesses to brand their messages.

Short Codes

Generally preferred for transactional messages, these are 4-6 digited numeric numbers used to send SMS, which appears as sender number ie 8583.

Delivery Reports

Using webhooks, we instantly deliver SMS Delivery notification to your system - so you are always in control of your traffic - whether it fails or reaches its destination..

2-Way Communication

Plan more powerful engagement with your customers by sending & receiving messages - Select a short code say 8583, Salect a keyword say PIZZA,
so anyone sending PIZZA on 8583, the SMS would be routed on your webhook.

One Time Password - Best Suited Voice/SMS Solution

The OTP service is the most convenient way to validate user information and authenticate online transactions, logins etc. As OTP service provider we assures timely delivery of OTPs to the right user via SMS Or Phone calls, which help enterprises to improve data security and avoid phishing attacks.

Types of OTP Solutions

SMS OTP Service

Facilitate secure customer verifcation through Veevo Tech OTP SMS services. Receive instant one-time passwords via text messages, providing a swift and reliable authentication processes.

Voice OTP Service

No extra integrations, no content changes, same API, same request & Boom!!
Our automated voice calls deliver secure OTPs by pronouncing the OTP on a voice call, ensuring seamless and accessible verifcation processes.


Don't just believe us. Try out our API!

It refers to the process of connecting the SMS messaging service with other applications or systems and software, enabling automated and seamless communication via text messages, often for notifcations, alerts, or customer engagement.


Country SID Feature Rate/Euro
Indonesia LLC Promotional 0.0042
Guatemala LLC Promotional 0.0042
Kenya LLC Promotional 0.0042
South Africa LLC Promotional 0.0042
USA LLC Promotional 0.0042

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Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional messages are used for marketing and promotions, while transactional messages serve informational or transaction-related purposes. Transactional messages are typically critical and have higher delivery priority, and are bypassed from DNCRs lists, where promotional traffic is subjected to DNCR (Don't call Register) list.

Yes, our robust CPaaS Platform can target both global and local audiences, allowing you to send A2P SMS traffic worldwide or to specific regions as needed.

You can connect with our platform either using HTTP APIs which are RESTFul APIs and can be used to interface in any language your application is built in, apart from that we do offer SMPP connectivity & readymade plugins for thirdparty platforms ie Shopify, wordpress etc.
You can also get readymade code snippets for various progamming languages which can help integrate our API with copy/paste.

Yes, our advance backend routing system can translate your SMS traffic/requests to WhatsApp or Voice call, ie you can submit a request in the same way as you do for SMS & our network will translate it into a WhatsApp message and deliver it via WhatsApp or make a voice call from it.

Short codes are brief numerical or alphanumeric sequences used to send and receive SMS messages e.g. 8456, often for specific purposes like marketing campaigns, voting, or information services. They are easier for users to remember and provide a consistent channel for communication.
A quick example would be counterfieting solution where a customer text the ID printed on product label to get a SMS confirmation if the product is geniune or not.

VT offers both pre-paid and postpaid billing options, postpay is subjected to various business cases/approvals, as per currencies we supports a number of currencies when it comes to local traffic ie when the customer is locally registered in a country where the traffic/SMS is being sent & VT also have presence there.
We do support PKR, GHs, SGD, AED, GBP.

For international/global traffic consumption we only supports EUR & USD.

Yes, just create an account on our portal and you will be given some free credits to test and integrate the API, once you are good to go, then you can proceed with a recharge either by writing to our team or going through self-service options available at our One ID portal.

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