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Educational Notifier-
SMS Notification system

A robust SMS notification system designed for Schools or educational institutes to remain in touch with Students or Parents via SMS. It is a web-based system.

Educational Notifier
Wide Accessibility

Wide Accessibility

Access your account on Mobile/Tablet/Laptop

Robust Network

Robust Network

Speed delivery of SMS notifications & Application Serving

User Friendly

User Friendly

Easy to use, everyone can understand!


SMS Alert to individual

Using the Educational Notifier system, you can send an SMS to individual students from different classes or groups. Suppose its fine imposition notification on different students from different classes, inform them or their guardians easily!

Individual SMS
Individual SMS

Group SMS

In the Educational Notifier system, you can easily categorize your student and staff members. You can create as many groups as needed and can import your data using Excel sheets or add them manually by filling form in the Educational Notifier system.
Send SMS Notifications to a Group or a number of groups at once!


EDN provides the feature to send results via SMS. This feature is easy to use. you have to Perform the steps given below in order to send results.

Click Results.
Select a Group & click on Add Subjects.
Put Result title i-e Final Exam, and add subjects i-e Biology, Physics, Computer etc.

Send Result
Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification System

To strengthen the security of your institute, we offer a Biometric verification system with Educational Notifier. Where each student will be verified before entering to institute & on successful verification an SMS is sent to student Guardian/Parent regarding his safe arrival to Institute.
The same notification is sent on exit from the institute.

Pricing Plans

Simple & clear with no extra hidden charges, for higher volumes please contact us.

Packages Names SMS Limit / Month Best Suited For Monthly Charges
EDN - 1 5,500 Around 200 Students PKR 3,400
EDN - 2 9,000 Around 400 Students PKR 5,200
EDN - 3 17,000 Around 700 Students PKR 9,000

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