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Wide Accessibility

Access your account on Mobile/Tablet/Laptop

Robust Network

Fast speed delivery of SMS & Application Serving!

User Friendly

Extremely Easy in use, everyone can understand!

Individual SMS

Using Educational Notifier system you can send notification/messages to individually to students from different classes/groups.
Suppose its fine imposition notification on different students from different classes, inform them or their guardians easily!

Group SMS

Educational Notifier system empowers you to easily categorize your students & staff members, create as many groups as needed and import your data using Excel sheets or add them manually by filling form in Educational Notifier.
Send SMS Notifications to a Group or a number of groups at once!

Send Results

Built-in system for sorting & sending results via SMS, the feature is so easy in use, just need below steps to go on.
Click Results
Select a Group & click on Add Subjects.
Put Result title i-e Final Exam, and add subjects i-e Biology, Physics, Computer etc.
Click list students to insert and send results to their Guardians/Parents.

Biometric Verification

To strengthen security of your institute, we offer Biometric verification system with Educational Notifier.
Where each student would be verified before entering to institute & on successful verification an SMS would be sent to student Guardian/Parent regarding his safely arrival to Institute.
The same a notification is sent on exit from institute.
Worry less - Protect More!

Pricing Plans

Simple & clear with no extra hidden charges, for higher volumes please contact us.

Packages Names SMS Limit / Month Best Suited For Monthly Charges
EDN - 1 5,500 Around 200 Students PKR 3,400
EDN - 2 9,000 Around 400 Students PKR 5,200
EDN - 3 17,000 Around 700 Students PKR 9,000
EDN - 4 30,000 Around 1000 Students PKR 14,500