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Reach Your Customers with SPEXT Voice & SMS

Efficiently engage your audience with the comprehensive capabilities of the SPEXT platform. Utilize features such as scheduled calls and messages, customizable templates, and detailed delivery status analysis to streamline your communication strategies like never before. With SPEXT, enjoy complete command over your communication efforts, enabling precise targeting of individuals or groups with utmost efficiency.

Web Interface

Our user-friendly platform makes sending SMS and voice broadcasts incredibly easy on any device. Create impactful messages using customizable templates, manage contacts effortlessly, and access detailed analytics to track your campaign performance. With API access, you can take control of your budget and make informed decisions. This platform isn't just an interface—it's your key to hassle-free and powerful communication.

Social Web Interface
Dynamic SMS Updates

Real-time SMS Updates

With SPEXT, you can easily send SMS updates to large groups of people by uploading an Excel sheet. It's simple: just input your contacts, hit send, and watch your communication efforts become more dynamic than ever before.

Manage Accounts & API Keys

SPEXT provides advanced tools for securely managing cryptographic hashes, enhancing the protection of confidential information. Effectively duplicate and validate your APIs, ensuring the highest level of security for your platform or application.

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Accelerating Features

24/7 Audience Reach

24/7 Audience Exposure

Establish a reliable link with your audience around the clock using SPEXT, accessible through standard SMS and mobile devices.

Friendly SMS

Personalized SMS

This feature assists in fostering a more personalized connection with your audience by addressing them by their names in updates, instead of using generic terms like "Dear Customer.

Direct Feedback

Immediate Response

Improve your customer service by engaging with customers directly and confidentially to gather feedback.
Businesses can communicate with their clients through SMS and voice calls

Group founding

Group Founding

You can create groups and send a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Import Excel

Upload Excel

Efficiently synchronize with your existing data by creating a straightforward Excel sheet and importing it into your group to commence the process.

Powerful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Unlock extensive analytics capabilities to gain deep insights into your SMS and Voice broadcasts, providing detailed data on a daily basis and beyond.

Api integration

API Integration

Integrate messaging functionality effortlessly into your current solution with API integration.

Initiate Voice Calls

Initiate Voice Calls

You can create voice calls for a variety of purposes, such as promotional, transactional campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spext is a comprehensive platform that allows users to manage and execute SMS and voice call campaigns efficiently.

Spext is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Yes, Spext offers integration capabilities with other software and applications, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

Yes, users can track the delivery status of both SMS messages and voice calls in real-time using the console.

The analytics provided by Spext are highly detailed, offering insights into message delivery, open rates, response rates, and more.

Absolutely, Spext offers a variety of pre-approved templates for quick and easy messaging.

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