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The Power of Voice: seamless OTP redefining communication

Boost your business with Veevo Tech's Voice OTP and Broadcasting service. Connect with your audience in a whole new way.

What is VT Voice API?

Searching for a dependable Voice OTP and Voice broadcasting service provider? Your search ends with VeevoTech. We excel in delivering high-quality voice communication solutions tailored to your business requirements. Count on your expertise and commitment to excellence for smooth and efficient communication in your organization. Opt VeevoTech for all your voice communication requirements and discover the impact of superior service.


Voice OTP Service

Strengthen authentication with our Voice OTP service — a secure, convenient method for verifying user identities through seamless voice recognition, enhancing your business security.

Voice Broadcasting Service

Amplify your outreach with our Voice Broadcasting Service. Effortlessly reach and engage your audience through personalized voice messages, making communication impactful and efficient.

Voice API

Powers apps with voice commands and responses, making hands-free interactions and virtual assistants a breeze.


Effortlessly coordinate sales, product launches, and security updates with scheduled call blasts. Keep your clients informed promptly and effectively.

Reminder Campaigns

Enhance client communication by utilizing Voice API for reminder campaigns. Keep clients informed about upcoming reservations, payments, or appointments without limitations on call quantity.

Marketing Campaigns

Effortlessly amplify your marketing reach with Voice API. Educate your audience on products or new features seamlessly, making communication effortless for both customers and prospects.

Registration Login

Voice verifcation codes are utilized for registration and login purposes across various platforms, including apps and websites. These codes are sent to users via their mobile numbers to prevent unauthorized registrations.

Password Retrieval

The verifcation code will be automatically sent to the mobile number associated with the user's registration when the system is prompted for password retrieval. User identity will be verified during the password reset process.

Transaction Verifcation

Voice OTP, applicable to payment related services like payment confirmation, quick payments, and order confirmation. It serves to verify user identity and prevent property loss.

Build end-to-end Communication With Customers

Rapidly deploy the perfect Voice solution for authentic human-to- human interactions with your customers.

Voice-Driven Excellence
Boosting Customer Engagement with Veevo Voice Magic!

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Voice API Integration

Upgarde your apps effortlessly! Plug into our user-friendly Voice API for seamless integration of voice OTPs, broadcasting, and more. Elevate your user experience with dynamic voice features for campaigns authentication. It's that easy.

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Voice Automation

Simplify your business game with our smart voice automation! Enjoy cutting-edge tech that automates voice tasks, making everything smoother for your operations and customers

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Voice Marketing

Supercharge your business with our all-in-one voice marketing! Whether its personalized voice ads or interactive campaigns ,we've got your back for reaching and captivating your audience with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a dedicated API to trigger call campaigns.

We are aware that not every person on your list is likely to answer the phone at any particular moment. You can set a retry logic to make sure no one is overlooked. Thus, after a while, if the call is not answered, another one is placed.

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