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Community Page
is your more powerful Social Media Fan Page
Reach millions on their cell phones via SMS!

Community Page

Community page is a corporate addition, powered by our social service Smile Network to empower businesses/brands reach masses effectively.

Community Page is being used by Govt., Educational Institutes, Political Parties, NGOs, Restaurants, Brands, Events & individuals to disseminate information.

The power is,
Texting ABC on 8583, will make you a Listener of a brand!
Yes, that's how simple & easy it is!

Community page is much more than a simple SMS, you even get Likes/Comments on your updates via SMS!
In simple your social network without internet, Explore more, keep scrolling!

Social Web Interface

Community Page is backed by a socially look alike user-friendly Web Based Interface, accessible on your Mobile, Tablet or Laptop!

The interface allow you to read/reply comments, private messages/feedback by your listeners, import existing customer's data, generate surveys and much more in few easy clicks...

Dynamic SMS Updates

With community page, you can just dream for possibilities, ever you need to terminate a unique SMS content to a group of thousands of people.
Manage it with the sip of a coffee, create an excel sheet as shown, push it on the CP & let it make you more dynamic!

Quick Surveys

Surveys contribute the most to researches and knowledge!
But with Community Page the surveys are easy as 123 - no tiresome paper work needed, just compose an update and start analyzing results!

With built-in polling option, you can conduct quick surveys over your products, service quality or anything on your mind easily via SMS.

Accelerating Features


Get instant response on your posted updates in the form of Likes, Customers can Like your updates via SMS/Web/Android App.


Gather speedy views as comments from Customers wherever they are, comments can be made via SMS/Web/Android.

24/7 Audience Reach

As community page works on SMS & Mobile Phone is there 24/7, so you get a guaranteed link with your audience.

Friendly SMS

Community Page is helping you to be more friendly with your audience, call them with their names in updates rather than using the hateful terms like Dear Customer!

Direct Feedback

Enhance your customer service by interacting with customers directly & privately so that there is a feeling of love for your brand.
Audience can directly write you by typing Brand Name space Message on 8583.

Viral Growth

Run viral campaigns using Community page built-in Referral Code System, generate automated referral codes for any new connecting members and motivate them to invite more members using their codes & this continues...

Import Excel

Community page can gear up with the current data at your hands, create a simple excel sheet and import it to your page, to get started!

Powerful Analytics

With powerful analytics, you get deep insights about your community, Location-wise community information, Gender-wise information and much more.

Photo Sharing

They say a picture is worth one thousand words, we thought not to ignore one thousand words, Attach photos to your updates along with text.

Coupon Codes

Power up your promotions with built-in Coupon Code system, create & verify a unique coupon code for every customer connected on Community Page.

Community Categorization

Community page can help you categorize your community into different groups, terminate right information to right group of people!

Development API

We are not here to say Good bye to your existing solutions, we respect & care about your efforts,
Make your efforts more successful integrate API to extend messaging functionality.

Pricing Plans

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