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Digitize your School operations today with Scholastic. Its a web based complete school management system which can be accessed from anywhere through any device, Scholastic comes with its own SMS, Biometric & Teacher, Parent Mobile Applications.

Schooling Operations Software

Scholastic is a very user-friendly online web based software for your day to day school management,
It helps you manage the whole record online and access it easily, whether its a student personal information or academic record - scholastic helps you go through all your tedious work within minutes which you have been managing in excels/papers.
Scholastic let you manage things in some wonderful ways which either are not even possible while you are on manual operations, with it's features rich accounting software offers a number of modules to manage financials of thousands of students at fewer clicks.
Along SMS Alerts Scholastic also offers a customized web portal & Mobile apps for parents to review their children academic performance, attendance record, financial (fee) record online easily.

Web Based Interface

Scholastic comes with a beautiful Web based extremely user-friendly interface for system management.
You get a dashboard to give you an overall quick idea about your School.
The interface has multiple designed layouts to be accessed on all most all devices that range from a Laptop to Tablet or even Mobile!
The interface has multiple doors for different kind of users, whether it's School Administrator or a Teacher or a Parent, everyone gets an access level to different features

Biometric & SMS

Scholastic supports our own wireless Biometric based machines which includes both face detectors as well finger scanners for authentic & automatic attendance.
Scholastic is thoroughly integrated with our back-end SMS Network for all sorts of notifications to parents regarding students.
Scholastic also helps you with Safety & Security by generating automated SMS notifications to parents upon arrival/exit of their children from school.

Accountant's Dashboard

Scholastic have its own built-in user levels, the financial module is working independently.
Separate logins are provided to finance management team, the financial module have a lot of features to help you manage things efficiently,
Being cloud based system you never need to worry about your most important financial record, it's always safe - whether your computer is damaged or infected!

Accountant's features

Bank Accounts

Manage and track your bank account’s payments, transactions and invoices paid, all from one place. View how much capital you have in your accounts, make withdrawals and deposits.


Create Custom fee structures and have them auto generate according to monthly, quarterly or yearly time-based schedules.


Create and allot fines to disruptive students and maintain a check over when and how they pay them.

Inventory & Expenditures

Easily maintain all the inventory of your institute ranging from furniture to electronics, along with recursive expenses such as utility bills, fuel costs, repairs.

Revenue and Expense Graphs

Looking where your institute stands in terms of revenues and expenses has never been more easier, Interactive graphs and charts are implemented which can be also be exported.

SMS Reminders

Easily send SMS notifications to students about invoices, overdue invoices and any fines that are allotted on the student.

Mobile Application

Scholastic can also be used and is accessible via its native user friendly mobile application, designed for Android & iOS platform.
Scholastic mobile app makes it easy for the teachers to manage their activities/duties at school. Teachers can login via the mobile application.
They can check their daily timetable of scheduled classes/subject.
Teacher can mark student's attendance directly from within the app with great ease. They just have to tap an assigned class/group, students are listed with default present status, teacher has just to mark the absent ones among the students and it's done. Easy! right?
Scholastic mobile app is continuously updated with new designs & features.

Scholastic Features

Advance Student Enrollment

Student record is the first most priority of Scholastic, enroll students with an easy-to-use simple form for data entry and along this you can also upload student photo and other relevant documents

Transport Managementt

Scholastic helps you with managing your institute transport vehicles and their fee charging, Register as many vehicles on the system and their fare per seat, rest assure scholastic will helps you take care about the fee adjustment in student monthly bill.

Class/Sections Management

Manage as usual classes and create as many sections required, assign teachers to sections and add educational subjects to different classes.

Exams Management

A comprehensive Exams module is created into Scholastic for easy management of different exams and tests, With Exams Module, Create Exams, Define your own Marking Grade, Manage Subject-wise Marks for exams or generate tabulation sheets online.

Management Portals

Scholastic is truly based on digitalization and centralization, moving with this thought it offers customized management portals for different level of users, A web based portal for teachers to manage class record, parent portal to view child record, administrative & accounts portals.

Expense Management

The accounting module have built-in expense management options to give you an overall idea about your school expenses, Expenses are divided into different categorize, and you can make as many categorize.

Over Due Students

With one click Scholastic will lists you class/section-wise all defaulter students, send them fee reminder via SMS or take print out for further concerns.

Students Promotion

Do you feel pain when the students are celebrating their promotion to new classes? Of course you get a lot manual work to do for promoting students to another class, with Scholastic your record is managed seamlessly, with just one click the students are promoted to a new class and to a new session without making any manual changes.

Hostel Management

Managing hostels separately? Yes, because it's not possible while being on manual work, scholastic connects all your school components to work and bill them efficiently and easily. Register existing students on the system in any hostel and let the system generate recursive bills.

Class Routine

Does it also take days for you while creating a new class routine for your school?
Using Scholastic built-in Class routine module, you can easily error free create class routines for complete school with high accuracy.


With built-in Notifications module, you can easily create notifications and can send it via SMS to different groups of people, i-e
To all Teachers, To all Parents or to Parents of any one specific classes.

Data Protection

Computer infected or hardware failure, these were the nightmares. Being a cloud based system you don't need to worry about anything or need to manage anything in your office, we take care of your data 24/7 so that it can remain safe and available round the clock.

Fee Structure

Fee structure module allows you to manage existing or define and create many new different fees. Fee structure also empowers you to define variable fees for different classes or even sections, along this you get fee type, where you can define if its a one time fee, monthly, quarterly or even yearly!

Invoice Management

Generate fee slips for thousands of students with high accuracy automatically, You can generate invoice for a single student or for a complete class using any fee type as defined in fee structure. Fee invoice can be paid in full or the system supports partial payments on any invoice as well!

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