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is Human Resource Management
Automating your employees & organization!

Empleado - HR Management System

Considering the hectic manual work of HR dept, we analyzed various industries that includes heath, factories, education etc & developed awesome powerful modules to help you automate things around!

With empleado you never need to record IN/OUT time manually or reconciliation salaries, late comings, overtimes for hundreds of employees!
Giving few clicks to your mouse will return you everything sorted & Ready!

Empleado is completely a cloud based system which can be accessed from anywhere at any device.
Being a cloud based you never need to worry about your data loss!

Web Based Interface

Empleado have extremely easy & user-friendly management interface,
Being a web based system, its accessible from home/office - anywhere on Laptop, Tablet or even on Mobile!
Where there is no need for installation of any sort of Software/Hardware to use it.

Empleado quick dashboard give you an overall idea about your Employees performance in single glimpse!

Biometric & SMS

Empleado have its own wireless Biometric based machines which includes both face detectors as well finger scanners for aunthetic & automatic attendance.

If you are a boss, we understand your hectic routine - Empleado offers you complete summary for your each office branch via SMS daily!
Not just summary, you can also post any new notices, tasks to employees via SMS.

Employee's Dashboard

Empleado not just automate your HR Managers but at the same time digitizing your employees as well,
every employee get his own dashboard to access his attendance, register applications for loans, leaves, time change requests etc.
Manage his assigned tasks & a lot more...!

Manage Attendance Over Calender

Returning ease in management is top most priority of Empleado, it let you view & manage Employee attendance in such a simple way over a calender.
Just by clicking on any day on calender, you can mark the Employee present, absent or adjust In/Out timing manually.
The red dots on some days represents that Employee has not completed his working hours,

Except this you get wide range of reporting options along with exporting to excel sheets whether departments wise, branch wise etc

Advance Employee Profiling

Empleado empowers your record keeping channel, helping you create digital profiles of your Employees to access conveniently from any location across your branches.

It helps you store and categories information from Personal towards the assets provided to Employee by the Company, Upload documents, Maintain employement status i-e Probabtion Period, Contract, Daily Wages etc

Define Your Own HR Policies

The claims are true, Yes - Empleado helps you automate calculations from your Attendance towards payroll with your own defined set of rules.
Define as many HR policies and assign them to different level of Employees i-e Security Staff, Production Team etc

HR Policies have range of options to implement and automate your office routine from late minutes defination towards late minutes penalties.

24/7 Shifts Management

Empleado have powerful industries standard Shifts Management Module for 24/7 duty staff.

It eliminates the need for drafting manual roasters, shifts, holidays, shifts time changing, rather it keeps on changing shifts timing automatically or manually in easy drag & drop way.

Shift Management is designed for Production industries to help them maintain complex operations in a paperless environment.

Stunning Graphical Reports

You need not to worry or go through hundreds of paper to get insights about your organization HR.
Empleado presents you a number of complex reports using awesome charts to help you get a quicker idea in a number of clicks.


Biometric Based Attendance

Empleado is powered by Biometric based hardware to mark automated and authentic attendance of employees using Finger Print or Face Recognition machines.

Web Based Interface

Empleado is extremely easy & user friendly, there is no need for installation of softwares on specific PCs or maintaining specific computers, servers for this - its completely web based system, accessible from anywhere.

Branch Extension

Empleado is designed with centralization idea to post back the whole reporting on one platform for easy management and reporting across all your branches.

Employees Database

Empleado digitize your employees record, add your employees overall data on Empleado online along with all relevant documentation, photo etc. Maintain complete profile of your employees.

Define HR Policies

Empleado is extremely customizable & is desgined to fit into every environment.
Define your own working policies and assign to different group of employees, the system will automatically treat employees against assigned policies and will generate their payslips accordingly.

Payroll Management

Empleado have built-in Payroll Management System, which automates your payroll generation, including payslips, paid/due indications, advance salary managemnet, incentives management and a lot more options.
Salary templates management, create & assign salary templates to your employees according to their designations.


Empleado empowers you to easily categorize your employees like you do in real world, create departments & inside departments create designations.

Online Task Management

Increase your productivity by over 50% with Empleado online Task Management & monitoring module, assign tasks to your employees easily, instantly online on the system & let them post the progress back on the system.
Forget managing manual to-do-lists, reminders, no more delays in tasks.

Leave Management

Say Good bye to your ordinary paper based leave applications management, with Empleado employees can send leave applications online to HR manager or HR Manager can create application on behalf of employees.

Notices Management

Compose and send Notices regarding any new happenings to employees via SMS & Online Interface.
Send right information to right group of people, defining Branch, Department name with your notices.

Access Levels

Empleado is designed with enhanced security, there are three levels of account access.
Super Administrator - managing everything. Branch Administrator - Access to specific branch management.
Employee Account - Customized portal for employees to evalute their attendance, view tasks assigned, view notices etc.

Data Safety

Data is saftey is the core aim of Empleado, you need not to worry about backups, data lost, virus attacks, hardware failure, we manage your records at our local datacenter ensuring 24/7 availability.
We will even manage disaster recoveries for you in-case you have lost your biometric machines, the system along with old data will be restored safely on new machine.

Pricing Plans

Please select a package for Empleado Cloud System, for higher volumes please contact us.



Employees License

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FREE Forever,

Only Biometric Machine Charges

$ 0

Per Year



Employees License

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PKR 15,000/- Setup Charges

One Biometric Machine Included in Package

$ 15

Per Month
Support, Cloud Data & Other Service charges



Employees License

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PKR 20,000/- Setup Charges

One Biometric Machine Included in Package

$ 50

Per Month
Support, Cloud Data & Other Service charges



Employees License

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PKR 30,000/- Setup Charges

One Biometric Machine Included in Package

$ 65

Per Month
Support, Cloud Data & Other Service charges



Employees License

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PKR 38,000/- Setup Charges

One Biometric Machine Included in Package

$ 85

Per Month
Support, Cloud Data & Other Service charges


Above 100

Per Employee Charges

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Year Advance Payment

One Biometric Machine per 100 Employees is included

$ 20

Per Year
Around PKR 125 Additional cost per Month

Below are the different Empleado Biometric devices with features and costing

Device Model

VTB - 103


Finger Scanner Machine

Device Cost $ 280


4 inches TFT Screen
Fingerprint & Password verification,
Wifi & LAN Based Connectivity,
3000 Fingers Capacity (optional 10K,50K,100K),
RFID Card (Optional),
100,000 Log capacity,
Can add up to 10 fingers of same user
Verification Speed less than 0.8 seconds
Acceptable angle 360 Degree,
Verification mode 1:1,1:N,
Scratch-proof Optical Finger print Sensor
3 Hours Built-in Backup Battery
Power Supply 5V

Device Model

VTB - 202


Finger Scanner + Face Recognition Machine

Device Cost $ 320


4.3inch Touch Screen,
LAN & Wifi Based Connectivity,
3000 Finger Templates capacity,
300 Faces Capacity (Optional 500, 1000, 2000 Available),
RFID Card (Optional),
200,000 Log capacity,
Image Capturing Distance 30-80cm
Verification Speed less than second
Ambient light 0-50000Lux
Access Control Functionalities
Power Supply 12V - 2A,
Can also be integrated with 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button.

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