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We provide full 2-way SMS API for commercial purposes; you can either go for simple one way SMS termination as well with choice of Masking or a short code number.

Veevo has been providing SMS API services to a number of Government & Private sector organizations.
Our SMS API is backed by our robust SMS Delivery Network, where we are processing over 3.2 million SMS Messages on average per day, with this high speed network you can reach thousands of people within minutes & can easily scale out application to masses.


Biometric API allows you to integrate Veevo Tech’s biometric devices with your customer 3rd party systems for you to receive the attendance of your employees or members.
The API comes with two usage methods which are as follows:

1. Push Based
The data pushes itself automatically to the 3rd party systems in terms of the attendance.

2. Pull Based
The data doesn’t push itself to the 3rd party systems automatically and request needs to be placed to view the attendance.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects. In other words, the IoT (Internet of Things) can be called to any of the physical objects connected with network.
   Let us help you integrating the real life physical things with your system and control them remotely from your software. Just an example, you want to press a button on your screen and open the gates of your house and light up the bulb on the 10th floor? Let our IOT API do the magic.

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